About Living Lite*

Welcome to Living Lite* My name is Kris and I provide the content for this site. My hope is to benefit readers in search of a simpler, more passionate way of living. I began Living Lite* as an extension of my own exploration of meaning and value as well as to pursue my lifelong passion of writing. This site has been inspired by countless authors, personal experiences and insights that have formed the person I am today.

In terms of resume-fit experience, I have spent the last five years working with the developmentally disabled, blind and mentally ill (though I dislike this term) as a social worker. With each of client my focus has been on facilitating change through gradual, experience based process that's oriented to their unique goals. I have also performed public speaking duties for colleges and community agencies in regards to work done with my clients. Currently, I am working as a psychotherapist at a private practice in  Michigan and hold a Master of Arts in Counseling.

However, I am also the guy who dances to Katy Perry and has a soft spot for Ryan Gosling movies. I don't claim to be an expert, and am grateful for the opportunity to share my experiences with you. Thank you for sharing your time with me and I hope you enjoy Living Lite*


Living Lite* addresses questions that pertain to all of our lives. If you'd like to submit a question to Living Lite* you can contact me at iLivingLite@gmail.com.  You can also follow us Living Lite* on Facebook Living Lite!

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