About Living Lite

Welcome to Living Lite! My name is Kris and I provide the content for this site. My hope is to benefit readers in search of a simpler, less stressful way of living. I began Living Lite back in 2014 as an extension of my own search for meaning and value as well as the continuation of a lifelong passion for writing. This site has been inspired by countless authors, personal experiences, and insights that are sprinkled throughout the posts.

By day I am a clinical therapist, helping children and adults sort through a variety problems of living. I previously served as a behavior analyst and hold a M.A. in Counseling Psychology. Though there is no doubt my psychological leanings impact my writing and outlook, Living Lite is not a mental health specific blog, but rather uses what I have learned over the years as a way to foster positive change in my own life and hopefully that of my readers.

I don't claim to be an expert here. I'm just looking for some peace of mind in an often unpredictable world and grateful for the opportunity to share my experiences with you. Thank you for taking the time to visit and I hope you enjoy Living Lite!


Living Lite addresses questions that pertain to all of our lives. If you'd like to submit a question to Living Lite you can contact me at iLivingLite@gmail.com. I intentionally do not post any photos or social media links, because obscurity and privacy are deeply held values of mine. While this may seem odd for a blog writer, I have found it difficult in the past to live "lite" while managing various social media pages.